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Beautifully handmade collars that are ready to go.

Our 'off - the-peg' contains  

doryandmonty [1]_edited_edited.jpg
Wilf [2].PNG
Classic Leather Set_Red [2].jpg
20180517_162054 - Copy.jpg
Soft Leather Clip Lead_Group [2].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Collar_Fiery [3].jpg
Double Softee Collar.jpg
Padded Buckle Collar_Mod Groove_Group [7].jpg
20180423_141815 - Copy.jpg
Padded Hound Slip Collar [1]
30 years experience.JPG
Classic Leather Buckle Collars - Traditionals [7].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Collar_Pinks [5].jpg
_DSC0085 - Copy.JPG
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