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Beautifully handmade products that are ready and waiting for you.

Our 'off the peg' section contains a selection of dog collars, leads and coats that have either been returned to us due to sizing mistakes, made for photographs or are end of line products.

All products are in perfect condition but available for a lower price than our 'made to order' products.

Wilf [2].PNG
Classic Leather Set_Red [2].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Collar_Fiery [3].jpg
Padded Hound Slip Collar [1]

Our 'off the peg' collars are organised by neck sizes.


  Select the size you require from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Please read the full product description which outlines widths, fitting types, reason for inclusion in 'off the peg'

20180517_162054 - Copy.jpg
Padded Buckle Collar_Mod Groove_Group [7].jpg
Classic Leather Buckle Collars - Traditionals [7].jpg
20180423_141815 - Copy.jpg
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