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Dog & Hound Collars


Classic Leather Buckle Collar_Mags [1]_e
20180812_132746 - Copy_edited_edited.jpg
Classic Leather Buckle Collars - Traditi

Classic Leather

Padded Hound Slip Collar [1]
Padded Leather collection.jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Collar_Mono [3]_edite
Soft Leather Puppy Collar_Group [15]_edi
Ripley [2].PNG

Soft Leather

Double Softee Collar.jpg
Double Softee_group [1].jpg
Double Softee_group [3].jpg
20190926_225223 - Copy.jpg
Cotton Web Collars.jpg
Airweb & Leather Set_Black [2].jpg

Smart Webbing

_DSC0036 - Copy_edited.jpg
Cushion web half check collars.JPG
_DSC0001 - Copy.JPG

Simple Webbing

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