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Our 'Modern Groove' collection of padded leather buckle collars offers a range of stylish colour combos for your dog. Vibrant top leathers paired with elegant paddings - giving you functionality but with flair!  Each collar is handmade to order with a choice of width, neck size, colours and even fitting type.


Please see images for collection colour choices and enter your choice as follows:  Top leather/padding leather (e.g Turquoise/White)







Padded Leather Buckle Collars: 'Modern Groove'

PriceFrom £30.00
    • Traditional flat leather dog collar.
    • Top leather cut from high quality shoulder hides.
    • Soft cowhide padding, folded over for rounded edges to prevent hair shaving.
    • Strong chrome or brass fittings.
    • Machine stitched along length of collar.
    • Handstitched around fittings.


    Note:  May be suitable for some breeds with a neck measurement less than 12 inches - please seek advice.

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