The handmade and the fabulous.

Every product is handcrafted by our very own skilled artisans who draw on years of specialist experience, a love of creativity,

a passion for quality and a huge appreciation for functionality ... but with flair.

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Extensive collection of traditional stiff leather, gorgeous soft leather and funky webbings

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Padded Hound Slip Collar [1]
Soft leather collar.jpg
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Padded Leather Buckle Collar_Forest on O
Double Soft Padded Collar_Rose on Pink [
Padded winter coats [2].jpg

Everything from warm winter coats to lightweight raincoats in exciting array of colours

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Working Dog Coats [1].jpg
Lightweight Raincoat.jpg
_DSC0023 - Copy.JPG
Padded Buckle Collar_Metro Funk_Group [1
Double softee_Denim on Blossom.jpg
Soft Leather Clip Lead_Group [2].jpg
Working Dog Coat.jpg
Classic Leather Buckle Collars - Traditi

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Champion creativity and individual families by supporting small businesses

Soft Leather Puppy Set_Brown [1].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Lime Green [1].jp
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Jade [4].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Red [2].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Orange [3].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Cobalt [5].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Blossom [3].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Rose Pink [2].jpg
Soft Leather Puppy Set_Tan [4].jpg

Perfect for puppies and small delicate breeds.

Classic leather collection_edited.jpg
_DSC0029 - Copy_edited.jpg
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We have been lucky enough to dress some pretty stylish dogs over the past 30 years and simply love receiving pictures from you.

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Handmade just for you

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