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These half check collars are FULLY ADJUSTABLE, designed to be taken on and off like a regular buckle collar, and are therefore suitable for all medium to large breeds.  Each collar is handmade to order so you can create a collar to match your specific requirements with a choice of width, neck size, colour and even fitting type.


Please see images for collection colour choices and enter your choice as follows:  Top leather/Padding leather (eg: Red/Orange)


Note:  We ask for your breed of dog as it helps us pick up on potential measurement errors which can be corrected before we begin making your collar.






Padded Leather Adjustable Half Check Collars:

PriceFrom £40.00
    • Traditional flat leather dog collar with check chain and buckle: adjustable.
    • Top leather cut from high quality shoulder hides.
    • Soft cowhide padding, folded over for rounded edges to prevent hair shaving.
    • Strong stainless steel or brass chains and
    • Chrome and brass buckles.
    • Machine stitched along length of collar.
    • Handstitched around fittings.



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