A long, multi-functional, dual ended leather clip lead - what more could you want!


Training leads alllow for length adjustment - long, medium and short - with each length useful for different situations.  Short length for heel walking or normal walking.  Medium length for obedience training and long length for distance work.  The double clips also make tethering your dog super easy, they can be used for walking two dogs or can be clipped to a collar and a harness simultaneously.


Airweb Colours [3]: Royal blue, Red, Purple


Colourful Airweb Training Leads

PriceFrom £35.00
Airweb Colour
    • Flat polyester Airweb lead of adjustable length.
    • Choice of 3 colours.
    • Black leather patches for neatness.
    • Approximately 80 inches in total length.
    • 3 possible lead lengths by adjusting to D-rings set at intervals.
    • Strong chrome fittings.